Vote for Best Student Blogs


Congratulations to all of you on the outstanding work you’ve done for the 2013 Edublogs Student Blogging Competition. All of you have come so far since starting to blog in September.

This year is a first for me. FOUR of you have been nominated as Best Student Blog. You obviously have been recognized worldwide as having an awesome blog.

Our nominees for our class are: Abby, AlexHailee and Rachel.

Visit The Edublogs Student Awards Site to see a list and current ranking of all of the nominees. Make sure you VOTE everyday until December 18th. You should vote from HOME, not school as they track individual IP addresses. You’re only allowed to vote once a day.

You should send this out to your social media friends and ask them to vote for our nominees. (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Make sure you leave a link to the voting page which is linked to HERE as well as the four nominees’ names.


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2013 Year in Review

The Year in 60 Seconds is a video from Reuters featuring images and some sound bites of the year’s biggest global news stories. I found this video on The English Blog. As Jeffrey Hill mentioned on his post, the video makes you wonder if anything good happened in 2011. (There hasn’t been one made yet for 2013).

Your Task:

Creat your own “Year in Review” video using Animoto.

Try to find a variety of images / video clips of important and major events from Canada and around the world.

Post the video on your blog with a brief description of why you chose the images you did.

Then, write a paragraph responding to this question and post it on your blog:

What was the most world changing event of 2013?

Here are some samples last year’s videos and responses from my Grade 7/8 class from a few years ago.

Olivia – Surviving 2011 in 48 Seconds
AlexandraV – The Year of 2011 in 46 Seconds
Alexandra – We Survived 2011 – In 48 Seconds
Alex – 2011 in 43 Seconds
Simone – We Survived! 2011 in 51 Seconds
Jared – 2011 Year in Review
Dawson – Famous Deaths in 2011