The Year 2012 in 60 Seconds – Video Project

The Year in 60 Seconds is a video from Reuters featuring images and some sound bites of the year’s biggest global news stories. I found this video on The English Blog. As Jeffrey Hill mentioned on his post, the video makes you wonder if anything good happened in 2011. (There hasn’t been one made yet for 2012).

Your Task:

Creat your own “Year in Review” video using Animoto.

Try to find a variety of images / video clips of important and major events from Canada and around the world.

Post the video on your blog with a brief description of why you chose the images you did.

Then, write a paragraph responding to this question and post it on your blog:

What was the most world changing event of 2012?

Here are some samples last year’s videos and responses from my Grade 7/8 class:

 Olivia – Surviving 2011 in 48 Seconds
AlexandraV – The Year of 2011 in 46 Seconds
Alexandra – We Survived 2011 – In 48 Seconds
Alex – 2011 in 43 Seconds
Simone – We Survived! 2011 in 51 Seconds
Jared – 2011 Year in Review
Dawson – Famous Deaths in 2011



Today you will be learning how to use ANIMOTO, a web based movie creator. It has lots of dynamic presentation options that lets you upload pictures and create visually stunning presentations.

I have signed up each of you for an Education Plus account, which means you have access until May 20, 2013.

You are able to upload pictures and music (appropriate and copyright approved, of course) as well as using lots of backgrounds, music, pictures and themes created by Animoto.

Today, spend some time getting to know how to use Animoto. There are some tutorial videos once you get logged in.

Try to have a video created by the end of the period on something you are interested in. You can also create a Christmas video if you’re in the mood.

You will be using this program during this month to create videos for our Christmas concert as well as for media project that I’ll introduce next week.

Here is a short tutorial on how to get started with Animoto:

Have fun!