Nomination Time

Before beginning the final part of Challenge 10, make sure you have completed Activity 1 and Activity 2. Read the previous post for my instructions.

After you have completed Activities 1 & 2 (post from earlier this week), complete Activity 3, your NOMINATIONS of Student Blogs.

  1. Read about the guidelines and which categories you are going to be nominating blogs for awards at the EDUBLOGS AWARDS SITE.
  2. Choose as many of the categories as you wish to nominate a blog. You can’t nominate someone from this class, unfortunately. The next two steps are EXTREMELY important:
  3. Write a post with your nominations on your blog. For each blog you nominate, make a link to that blog in your post.  At the end of your post, embed a link to the Edublogs Award Site.
  4. Use the form at the bottom of the NOMINATIONS PAGE to send Ms. Wyatt a link to your nominations.

Image Source: Edublogs Awards


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  1. Hey Mr. Pepper! How is your weekend going? On Monday morning can you tell me how I did on my science test? I’m VERY worried about it:( And can you tell me what we are going to be doing in gym class?? Thanks! See you tomorrow morning!


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