To Do Today

While you’re on the computers today please complete the following activities:

1) Make sure your Interview is uploaded and on your blog. There should be a brief description included with your podcast link.
2) Finish your Prezi. Embed the Prezi on your blog. As usual, include a brief description of the assignment and WHY you chose to cover the issue you did. These are due tomorrow.
3) Blended Learning: Work on the following Activities:

BL Pepper DiscussionOnomatopoeia – follow instructions in the Discussion area. Make sure you’ve responded to at least 3 other students for both similes and metaphors.
BL Pepper – Paragraph Editing – complete both activities – Paragraph Editing and Paragraph BLT

BL Pepper – Math – Fractions – there are 4 activities which you can work through – Introduction to Fractions, Investigating Fractions, Converting Fractions, Simplifying Fractions

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Solve a Problem

As you are aware, there are a lot of problems in the world today (politcal, climate, war, religious persecution, etc.) You, as the next generation that will be leading our world in a few short years, have a lot of great ideas and a different perspective than our leaders today do.

Your task is to create a Prezi:
1) Choose a problem or issue that exists in the world today.
2) Identify the problem, and try to research the history of the problem or issue (eg. causes, root of problem, how long has this problem existed, etc).
3) Solve the problem! – What do you think could be done to solve this problem? What suggestions do you have that could bring an end to this problem?

Embed the Prezi in your blog. Include a brief summary of what your readers will see in your prezi. Explain why you chose the problem you did.

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