Challenge 4

Challenge 4 is posted and ready for you to complete!

Please complete the following activites from CHALLENGE 4. They should be completed by Friday, October 14.

Don’t forget that Challenge 3 Activities are due this Friday, October 7.

#1 – Create your Post Categories. The instructions are on the Challenge 4 post.

# 2 – Create / add to your Blogroll. Most of you have done this already. If you want to add more links to your blogroll, do it now.

#3 – After School Activities – Write a post about activities you’re involved in after school. Remember to not give out any personal or identifying information.

#4 OR #5 – Choose ONE of these activites and create a post for it.

#7 – Finding other Blogs that share your interests. Don’t forget to put a link to the blogs you find (around 3).

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