How to Embed Links in Your Posts

1404655459_6966eeaf5a_oOne part of blogging is sharing links you’ve found with your blog readers. This allows you to share your interesting finds and express why you like the website you’ve found. This will also hopefully create some comments from other readers. To make your post look cleaner, you can embed (hide) the link to the website you want to share in a word or phrase in your post. Here’s how to do it:

1. Find the website you want to share. Highlight and copy the address from the address bar.
2. In your post, make sure you’ve written a brief description of the website and why you like it or think it’s important to share with your readers. For example:

“I’ve found this great search engine that I think everyone will find easy to use. It gives many relevant hits when I type in a search query. It’s called ‘Google’.”

3. Now, you can hide the link under a word in your description under a word. I’m going to hide the link to “Google” under the word “Google”.
4. Erase the word “Google” and leave your cursor there.
5. Click on the HTML tab in the top right corner of the typing area.
6. Click on the link button. If you’re using MS Explorer, a bar will appear at the top of the screen as a warning. Click on that to allow scripts. Click on the link button again. Paste the address to the website in the box that pops up and click OK.
7. Now type the word (or phrase) which you are going to embed the link in. I’m going to type the word “Google” right after the long code that appears.
8. Click on the link button one more time. This tells it that you’re finished.
9. Preview your post and click on the link just to make sure it works.
10. Publish your post.

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Math & Blogginig Challenge

Today, during this period, please complete the following activities:


1) Math Test Review – Nelson Math WebsiteMathK8small_001

Click here to visit Nelson Math. Click on your Grade, then Chapter 1. There are quizzes for all of the lessons we’ve covered so far. You’ll need to use pencil and paper to solve many of the questions. Please complete these in your workbooks. Make note of any areas where you struggled and I can help you when I return on Monday. Try to do as many as you can during the first hour (12:30 – 1:30).

2. Bloggingdive off

Make sure you are sitting next to your “Blogging Buddy.” Try to complete as many of the following activites:

1) ABOUT PAGE – complete this, or, Grade 8s, update your page. Make sure it is visible from your main page.
2) BLOGROLL – Add students from our class to your links. Grade 7s, take off the links that came with your blog.
3) BLOGGING CHALLENGE BADGE – See yesterday’s post for instructions. Remember, the file is already on your G Drive.
4) SIGN UP FOR THE EDUBLOGS CHALLENGE – See yesterday’s post for instructions.

Grade 7 – Complete # 4 & 5 from CHALLENGE 1 (Click here). You will need help from a Grade 8 to create a PINGBACK (embedding a link).
Grade 8 – You only need to complete #5 & 7 from Challenge 1.


See you Monday! If you have time on the weekend, feel free to keep working on your blogs!

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A Great First Day!

Wow! Thank you Grade 7 and 8 for a tremendous first day of blogging! smile

Grade 7s, you listened very well and accomplished a lot on your first day.  I like the theme choices you have made and some of you have already added widgets.  I have read a few posts already as well.  Also, thank you for the great comments on the previous post. 

Grade 8s, you were EXCELLENT helpers (blogging buddies).  You obviously listened well last year and made good use of your blogging time.  You made my job so much easier today.  Keep up the great work!

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8 Commandments for Bloggers

BLOGGERHere’s eight “commandments” for you to follow this year as you begin (or continue) blogging.

1. Assume it’s Public

Some blogs are private so only the class can see them. Other blogs are public and the world can read what you say. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if the blog you’re on is public or private. Therefore, assume everything you post as a comment on another blog is public.

2. Don’t Comment Until You’ve Read the Entire Post

In order to make effective and relevant comments on other students’ blogs, do not make a comment until you’ve read the entire post. This will reduce the number of, “I like your blog!” comments, which are never a good thing. This also will stimulate more comments from other readers.

3. Do Unto Others

Be kind and constructive. Use the “sandwich” method to leave a good comment: start with praise, go on to your constructive criticism, and close with praise.

4. Build on Previous Comments

Read not only the original blog post, but also the comments from other readers. Then, try to add to the conversation with statements like, “I agree with Peter when he said…” Go on to explain why. The “why” is very important! No one will be able to respond to your comment if you only say, “Me too!” The more explanations you add, the more others will be able to add, too.

5. Use Quotes

If you’re responding to one part of what was said, copy and paste the relevant part of the conversation so other readers will know what you’re talking about.

6. Edit!

Before posting your comment or post, read your writing out loud to see if it sounds right. Then, correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

7. Protect Your Identity

Do not ever say your last name or where you’re from in any comments. Use only your first name.

8. If You Mention It, Link It!

If you mention a website or get a great idea for a post from another blog or website, embed a hyperlink to it. That way, your readers can, if they choose, visit that site for further reading.


Grade 7: Which 2 rules do you think are the most important? Leave a comment.

Grade 8: Are there any rules you think should be added to this list? Base this on your experience as a blogger over the past year.

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Help for New Grade 7 Bloggers

HELPGrade 7s, there is a lot of information on our classroom blog to help you get started being a great blogger. All you have to do is look around! If you can’t ask a Grade 8 for help, try some of these links:

What is Blogging?

Last year, I posted a link to a short video about blogging called “Blogs In Plain English.” Click the link to go to the short video from September 2009.

How to add an Image to your Post

When adding images, it’s VERY important to use images that the creator has allowed to be used publicly (a Creative Commons liscence). Here is a detailed post explaining how to legally add images to your blog posts.

How to Write a Post, Add a Page, etc.

At the top of the classroom blog page, click on the “Tutorials” tab. There are several short videos which will guide you step-by-step through various blogging activities.


If you have other questions, leave a comment on this post with your blogging question and I can help you in person or by leaving a comment here as well.


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Your New Blogs Are Ready

computersGrade 7s, I’ve created your new blogs. You will see a link to your blog on the right side of this page. I will send a note home this week to your parents, asking their permission for you to use this blog. Once I receive permission from your parents, we will begin blogging!

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