Evaluation Time

checkYou’ve been a great group of bloggers this year! Now, it’s time to evaluate the great writing you’ve done this year on your blogs. I’d like you to do the following for me to help me evaluate your blogs:

1) Choose two posts that you would like me to evaluate. Refer to the RUBRIC and make sure your posts are all in the Level 4 area! Since I’m marking your writing, make sure you choose two posts that have a good amount of writing.  Choose the posts which you feel are your best work. I’ll be choosing another post myself to evaluate from each of your blogs, so make sure everything is in good order!

2) How am I going to know which two posts you’d like me to look at? Create a COMMENT on this post and leave me two links to your two posts which you’d like me to evaluate. Make sure you include your name in the comment and one or two sentences about why you chose each post.

Image Source: Matt Carman

Challenge 10

You’ve made it! Congratulations on completing the past 9 Challenges for this year’s Edublogs Student Competiton. 

There are two parts to this challenge.

10The first part is an audit of your blog.  Visit the Student Challenge blog for instructions on auditing your blog. All an audit is is a careful check over of your blog. There are some ideas for you to look at. You don’t need to do any writing for this part of the challenge, unless, of course, you need to fix, edit, or add to any posts.  Please be thorough when you are auditing your blog!

The second part is a reflection post on what your thoughts/feelings are about blogging and using E Learning this year.  What did you like about using these forms of technology? How did it help you as a student? What have you learned this year by using this technology that you benefit you in your years to come as a student?

Don’t forget to embed a link to Challenge 10 at the end of your post.

Image Source: Bert Werk

History Web Quest

Today, you’re going to begin two different activites today online with a partner.

1) Be an “Image Detective.”  You’ll do what expert historians do when they work with documents. There are no simple “right answers” when interpreting historical evidence. 

Choose 5 of the 9 historical images and work through the steps outlined.  When you’re finished, leave a comment here telling me which image you found the most interesting and why.  Click here to begin this activity.

2.  Begin your History Webquest.  Choose 2 of the “Stations” and respond to the “Questions for Analysis.”  Submit the responses electronically to me in the Dropbox for E Learning.  Click here to begin this activity.

Challenge 9

9The second-last challenge has been posted.  There are two parts to this challenge, creating a post and leaving a comment on the Student Blogging Challenge 9 post.


Look at these infographics and write a post mentioning:

  • your opinion of the information on the graphic
  • how well do you fit into that infographic
  • is this typical of your friends

How are teens using their cell phones – remember you can go back to the article and leave a comment.

Look at the growth of facebook over the last 6 years

How often do you check twitter and facebook or take a phone message?

What type of online user are you?

Choose one, two, three, or all of the infographics to write your post on. 


Then, leave a comment here about which infographic you found the most interesting and why.

Image Source: oschene